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Discourse Analysis

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How to discover the meaning of what people say?

This is long-lasting project comprising fo the following stages:

  1. Discourse mining. Development of the methodology of revealing the patterns of various discourses, mainly in the Internet fora. Included development of unique techniques of data normalisation, taking into account the properties of non-euclidean geometry of "semantic space".
  2. Semantic search techniques. Development of the techniques of complex searching phrases taking into account discourse patterns (see above). Test semantic searching engine has been built and proved the validity of the approach.
  3. Applications.


  • Brand Context - qualitative studies of brand value. More information (in Polish) can be found here.
  • Monitoring of Public Opinion - exemplary results (in Polish) can be found hehe.
  • Brand Monitoring - exemplary results for the opinions on hypermarkets can be found here.
  • Monitor of economic sentiment (including also labour market). Results of weekly research are commented in, (use also player on this page down).




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